Durango Camping

Durango Camping

In addition to full service campgrounds, Durango offers opportunities for backcountry camping. The nearby San Juan National Forest is one of the most popular Durango camping destinations. Find campgrounds now!

Tips for backpacking and camping in the San Juan National Forest

Durango ’s elevation is 6,512 feet above sea level, over a mile high. To avoid altitude sickness, drink copious amounts of water to better prepare yourself for the higher altitude and drier climate. Nausea and lightheadedness are common symptoms of altitude sickness.

Water Purification
No natural source of water should ever be considered safe. All water should be filtered with high quality filters, boiled, or purified with chemical tablets. Microorganisms can cause serious illness and even the most seemingly pristine water source may harbor harmful microbial populations.

Trip Planning
Leave an itinerary with friends or family. Check with the local Forest Service for the most current information or for details about public campgrounds. Call the San Juan Forest Service at (970) 247-4874 or visit http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/sanjuan/ for more information. For an online list of public campgrounds in the San Juan National Forest, visit